15 Vital Relationship Questions

Anyone who is dating, has indulged in a love affair, been engaged, married, or even just had a crush has had to ask themselves these relationship questions at some point. In fact, you can’t pursue, establish, build, grow or maintain a healthy loving and intimate partnership without asking your loved one, or yourself, a few fate determining relationship questions that define the essence of your love. Here are 15 relevant relationship questions that everyone should consider, at every stage of relationship.

15 Relationship Question: “Do You Like Me?”
In most cases, we tend to fall romantically for those with whom we have already developed a platonic relationship. Questions are going to come up because most of us are afraid being rejected and tempted to take a step back. This is #15 relationship question on our list, but nonetheless important to address during your courtship.

14 Relationship Question: “How Can I Please You Without Ruining It for Me?”
Of all the relationship questions, this one is the trickiest. It can do serious damage if ignored. First, establish the boundaries beyond which neither of you feel comfortable. Easiest way to discuss the topic of boundaries is asking a few hypothetical relationship questions: If I could do anything to please you right now, what would it be? If I could take you on a vacation, where would you go? Would you mind if your partner drank a glass of wine everyday? If your partner could make more money, would you stay home with the kids? If you were stripped of all life’s privileges and allowed one fancy item, what would it be? What the first thing you would you do if you won $50,000 lottery? What would you do if you forgot our anniversary?

13 Relationship Question: “Is This Love, Or Lust?”
The proper way to answer this relationship question is from anthropological stand point: Love (when you look at the person you love) is caused by heightened levels of serotonin and dopamine, so when we feel connected or attached for long-term, we produce a hormone of love called oxytocin. Dopamine also controls euphoria, craving, and addiction. On the other hand, Lust (when you look at erotic pix for example) effects two parts of your brain 1)Hypothalamus which controls the feeling of hunger and thirst & 2)Amygada which controls the arousal. Lust is also caused by heightened levels of testosterone in both sexes while feeling the attention and sexual arousal. Let us answer the first part of this relationship question: Is this Lust? The answer is yes if you see the following signs: obsession with just looks; sex is the primary interest, no emotional connection after or during intimacy. Lets answer the second part of this relationship question: Is this Love? Identifying the signs of Love: amazing chemistry, high interest in what partner is saying, you can imagine growing old together, anything partner wears looks great, you do romantic things, never break the team, you make each other better.

12 Relationship Question: “What’s The Best Way To Communicate?”
You can communicate about your relationship questions effectively when you follow a few rules: Make an appointment to talk without interruption and destruction Pick a public place to talk and avoid raising voices. Make a list of relationship questions to discuss and stick to the issue without wandering around the topic. Listen attentively and avoid interrupting without using negative words, labeling or name-calling. Use body language to help address relationship questions effectively by nodding, rephrasing what you heard while keeping eye contact, uncrossing arms and legs and keeping positive smile once in a while.

11 Relationship Question: “Is It Okay To Have Sexless Marriage?”
Sex-related relationship questions are very important. Recent study shows that 42 million people live in a sexless marriage, 40% cheat on their loved ones and 41% see lack of appreciation and communication as the cause for this relationship issue. The benefit from having sex is something not worth giving up for one main reason: health and connection, both physical and mental. Answering the following relationship questions can help identify the exact factors contributing to the issue and possibly repair the lost sexual connection: Are you sexually compatible? Are you lacking sexual education? If so, is it worth visiting a sex therapist? Does each of you have a sexy list of turn-ons? Have you really tried everything: making sex appointments with each other, blocking time for sex, quickies, porn, morning sex opportunities? Have you considered alternative ways to please the eye and the mind: erotic storytelling, sensual massages and baths, oral stimulation, role-playing, phone sex, manual masturbation, and practice eroticism without actual penetration?

10 Relationship Question — “Should I Worry About Being Codependent?”
The relationship questions of co-dependency deal with feeling incomplete without the other person and result in controlling behavior on one’s part. If this relationship question remains unaddressed, it will slowly and surely ruin any relationship, no matter how strong. A few signs of being co-dependent are: Fear of partner’s growth or change. Practicing psychological games and manipulation. Exaggerated fear of abandonment. Feeling unsure who you are as an individual without the partner. Feeling unsure about your social status without your partner.

9 Relationship Question: “When Is The Right Time To Start Having Sex?”
This type of relationship questions can be answered, but it’s different for everyone. Some old-fashioned relationships question becoming intimate before marriage. If yours is such, relationship questions can help you take a slow-paced approach. Holding off can be rewarding for both. On the other hand, a wild and liberal relationship questions the purpose in waiting. Some common signs of a happy couple show that your relationship is ready: kissing becomes really good; you just ‘get’ each other; laugh hard together, feel comfortable naked, you both deserve it for holding off, you see long-term potential, you are monogamous and committed and it shows. Your heart can answer this type of relationship questions the best. Listen to it.

8 Relationship Question: “Am I Pleasing You In Bed?”
What are some of the hardest things to ponder in a relationship? Questions we ask ourselves about our sexual performance, of course. Although, obsessing over this can harm your confidence. If you see the signs of lack of passion or interest from your partner, its time to ask one of the most important relationship questions: Am I pleasing you in bed? And if not, what can I do to change? A few quick sex tips: Build up arousal through prolonged foreplay. Take care of her first. Learn the art of oral sex and kissing. Know more about each other’s erogenous zones like you know the alphabet, laterally, start with A. Hint: F-spots for men, G-spots for women, front and back of neck, everywhere between the legs, lower back, toes and fingertips, lips, etc.

7 Relationship Question: “Are You Cheating On Me?”
One of the most frequent relationship questions asked (which is also a leading cause of divorce) is “Is my partner cheating?” If you find yourself asking this relationship question, you probably have the reason to. Avoid lingering this fear. Address this relationship question by identifying a few signs of an illicit liaison: Inconsistencies in activities, timing, work schedules. Unusual and unexplained “glow”. Suspicious financial activities, no transparency when it comes to bills, the phone is off at night, suspicious calls, password protection on all personal devices, erased history in browsers, call logs and text messages, etc. Sudden interest in new sex position, perfume, music, underwear, etc. The list goes on, but before you accuse anyone, give your partner the benefit of the doubt and ask this important relationship question: Would knowing the affirmative answer really help anything? If you insist, expect two things to happen 1)the request for proof and 2)the denial of your allegations. He cheated? So what, now what? Watch this:

Do you agree with how these relationship questions have been answered?

6 Relationship Question — “Can I Forgive You?”
If you have solid proof that your partner has been disloyal in your relationship, question whether or not you can forgive them before doing something drastic. Though infidelity and adultery seems deadly to committed union of hearts, there is always a valid reason behind it. The following relationship questions are designed to help you move forward: Do you give yourself the permission to heal? Forgiveness and healing begins with acknowledgement of your hurt. Are you willing to let go? Being willing to let the pain go begins healing. Are you willing to change your emotional response? Feeling like a survivor, not a victim is a sure way to instantly rise above the situation. Are you ready to give up “should’ve, would’ve could’ve”? Giving these up will help live in reality. Ready to start a process of forgiveness? It’s a process, a journey and every ‘try’ is significant. No one is more worthy or less worthy of forgiveness.

5 Relationship Question: “Should We Live Together?”
The relationship questions regarding the pros and cons of moving in together have become more frequent. Population studies by Larry Bumpass show that “about a quarter of unmarried women age 25 to 39 are living with a partner. And about 53% of all first marriages were preceded by living together.” Couples understandably want to test things out to avoid disasters down the road, especially when it’s more convenient, economical and safer. A few more relationship questions might help shine some light on your decision: Are you seeking marriage? Do you see yourself together in one year? If you career requires a move, will you be able to move together? Are you ready to compromise, share, be honest and open in your communication? Are you both in agreement who will contribute financially and how you will pay the bills? Is there mutual respect or one-sided codependence? To further help answer this important relationship question, weight in all the pros and cons and make your own list, for instance: PROS: cheaper, more income, more quality time together, test-drive marriage like situation, sense of family, security, commitment, build a life together etc. CONS: mutual decision, approval to spend, who keeps what, feeling claustrophobic, privacy, in-laws interactions, freedom, resent duty and obligations, lost independence, less “me” time, accept partner’s bad habits, depend on partner being responsible financially, etc. Relationship questions to ponder before you start packing would be “Can I live with all the cons?” “Am I happy with my partner?” and “Are all the pros worth it?”

4 Relationship Question: “When Should I Say I Love You?”
Figuring out the right time to put your heart on the line, expose your vulnerability and express your innermost sentiments is one of the hardest relationship questions that any emotional lover will ever have to endure. No one who has had a truly meaningful romance has ever been able to dodge this bullet. If you don’t say it, you risk losing your potential soul mate or life partner. Either to someone who did have the courage to say it, or because your lover thought you didn’t care. When participants in a relationship question feelings — or potential lack of feelings — between each other, the risk of crumbling becomes all the more present. On the other hand, saying I love you too soon in the relationship, questions the sincerity of the statement.

3 Relationship Question: “Should You Meet My Parents?”
Why do many people wait as long as humanly possible before telling their parents about their relationship? Questions! As soon as you tell your in-laws about an even remotely serious love interest, they almost immediately insist that you produce that potential maker of grandchildren for family approval. Whether it’s time to meet mom and dad, grandma, grandpa and old aunt Myrtle depends entirely upon what you point you feel you are at in your relationship. Questions to ask yourself: Will my family like him/her as much as I do? Do I really care if my family likes her/him? Am I sure I want a long-term relationship? The relationship questions you ask yourself before the big introduction can help prevent a million other questions from Mom and Pop and help your partner survive the holidays with your in-laws when you suddenly show up with a new love du jour.

2 Relationship Question: “Are You The One?”
This is by far the most important relationship question you’ll ever ask yourself for a couple of reasons. If you’re the type of lover who is easily attached, sentimental, softhearted and falls in and out of love easily bouncing from relationship to relationship, questions regarding your past romantic patterns should definitely be considered before you deem every Debbie, Wendy and Mary Lou your soul mate. All too often well-meaning lovers cast this esteemed and affectionate title in all sincerity, only to retract the idea when the spark fizzles out. The jilted party in the relationship questions your sincerity from the beginning and walks away hurt and feeling betrayed. Inadvertently, you become a heart-breaker. The other reason is so ridiculously simple, yet so many would be couples waive once in a life time opportunities for long lasting love affairs. If you don’t ask yourself if they are “the one” you could lose them and all potential for a perfect relationship. Questions like this cannot be ignored, answered without thought or assumed. Figure it out, before it’s too late.

1 Relationship Question: “Should We Get Married?”
Many people think that this would be the most important relationship question you’ll ever ask yourself. It’s not. As we explained, relationship question #2 is the ultimate query for romantics looking to become a permanent part of an intimate duo. Once you’ve already found “the one” there is little dilemma of what else to do. Do they make you happy? Satisfy your needs for love, companionship and intimacy? Do you want to be with them as often as possible? Would you introduce them to your parents? Do you know that they make you feel whole in your relationship? If your answer to the above were yes, then “when”, not “should” we get married would be the right relationship question.

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