Only you can send me under (Under by Alex Hepburn)

What a song, feeling, words, performance. You just gotta listen this!!!

Don’t bury me
Don’t lay me down
Don’t say it’s over
‘Cause that would send me under
Underneath the ground
Don’t say those words
I wanna live but your words can murder
Only you can send me under, under, under.

Lost trust, 21 grams of soul
All the sanity I’ve ever owned… gone
But I’m still breathing
Through the thunder, and the fire, and the madness
Just to let you shoot me down again
But I’m still breathing!
I feel it in my veins, skin, bones that I’m losing
You, me, you’re confusing
Every reason that I’ve left to live

Words are through and I can’t take back
Reaching out but I can’t hold on to you, no

And acoustic

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